The Y2K Bug

As the Year 2000AD approached, the computer world was worried that when the date changed from 1999 to 2000, the CPU might change from 1999 to 1900. This problem was coined as `the Y2K bug'. This bug would likely cause the CPU to send out signal errors which may be responsible for a complete blackout by stopping of electric generations, pumps and machineries in factories, causing untold damages. At worst, it might even wrongly triggle off Weapons of Mass Destruction resulting in a Nuclear Third World War. Serious warnings from these authorities and experts were common and though billions of dollars were spent to make all these important and critical computers Y2K compliance, much fear lingered.

Revivals in the 70s and 80s

Since the beginning of the revival in the Seventies and Eighties, Godly Christians were fervently preaching the everlasting gospel and also proclaiming that the Day of the Lord (Rapture) was near. The topic of the Rapture and the Second Coming of the Lord was popular then, and that the Lord would likely come back by the end of the Century.

During that period, Christians, who loved the Lord will always obey His Word and Commandments. They demonstrated their love by fervently proclaimed the Good News and the soon coming of the Saviour.

During this Seventies and Eighties revival, millions and millions came to the Lord. Nominal Christians were revived and the churches were tranformed. Millions upon millions were healed of their sicknesses, diseases and their demon-possessions. The churches were then the beacons for the non-believers.

Godly Christians on hearing of the dangers of the coming Y2K bug which could wipe out the human race, immediately preached that this was an End-time sign. They spent much time exponding on the End-time events which have the effect of bringing Christians back to trust Him in this time of uncertainty. This godly Christians believed and preached the Y2K bug as the Endtime sign because:

  1. They loved the Lord and His appearing (2Tim4:8);
  2. They loved their fellow brethren;
  3. They loved not this world and the things therein (1John2:15-17);
  4. They sincerely believed that the Lord would be coming back soon;
  5. They wanted to be the watchmen of God (Eze 33:1-7).

Therefore, the majority of Christians expected the Day of the Lord (Rapture) to be in the Year 2000AD (Y2K)

However, worldly and carnal Christians (mockers) will discredit such belief for they love this world (but deep within them, they fear the imminent coming of the Lord and the judgment to follow).

Heresies & Distorted Teachings Appeared

However, during this period of revival, false teachers secretly brought in heresies and distorted teachings. These wrong teachings destroyed their complete faith in the Lord thus resulting to Christians being toss about by the various winds of doctrine.

These heresies taught Christians to be self-centred, worldly and carnal. The fear of God was disappearing from these decieved Christians for they dared to use the Name of the Lord for their own personal gain. These false teachers were so successful that by the beginning of the Nineties, Christians were lukewarm to Jesus' Coming back. In 1993AD, when the PLO-Israel Peace Accord was signed, almost all Christians and Christian leaders, and all Christian nations worldwide displayed their misdeed by rejoicing in this Abomination to the Lord. Immediately, by 1994 more than a million souls were killed by the many civil wars that suddenly sprang-up. During those few years, there were also increase in earthquakes activities and with greater intensity. In 1997AD, the great economic downturn in Asia, Africa and Central and South Americas (where there were great revivals in their churches), brought many Chrisitans to their knees before God for deliverance. God used these events to wake up Christians from their comfort zones and to get them to do the work of God. Christians were once again warm to the topic of the Coming of the Lord.