The Messiah's Birth

Many dates concerning the date of birth of Jesus Christ were given by theologians and Christian historians varying from 22BC to 10AD, with the majority of them agreeing that to a narrower range of 3BC-5BC. These were caused by the many Christian historians and theologians in the these last few centuries trying to figure out the exact date of the birth of Jesus based on the historical records produced by Jewish Historians especially by Flavius Josephus. They were resolved to destroy the faith of all those who believe that Jesus was the Christ. They gave false testimonies, witnesses and even historical records to deceive Christians.

Even at the time when our Lord Jesus was walking on earth, the Priesthood presented false witnesses and testimonies to put Him to death. In the book of Acts, the Jews, especially the priesthood and Pharisees, who denied Jesus as their Messiah (or Christ) were persecuting and killing the Christians everywhere during the 1st and 2nd Century. How then can we take these Jewish historian's records, especially those relating to Jesus the Messiah. In the book of Acts, Saul was an example of how Jews persecuted and killed the Christians then, and when he became a Christian (known as apostle Paul), he too was persecuted by the Jews and later killed for his faith.

Was Jesus' Birth Between 1BC & 6BC?

Theologians and Historians were misled by the record of Flavius Josephus that King Herod's death was during the solar eclipse. Majority took the few solar eclipses from 2AD-7BC, then, they used this information to estimate Jesus' birth by deducting 2-4 years from the time of those solar eclipses. Figures of the date of the birth of Jesus varies from 1BC–6BC were common. However, even if Josephus record of Herod death was correct, then the total solar eclipse in 11AD should be the right answer and this brings Jesus' birth to be 8AD-10AD.

These so-called Christian Historians, having believed Josephus' record rather than the Word of God went to great extent and with all types of estimates and reasons to justify their projected dates of Jesus' birth ranging from 10BC to 4AD and also with numerous dates. Why didn't they just behave like little children and accepted Luke 2:1-2, instead of trying to proved that Luke's Gospel was not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

According to the Gospel of Luke

According to historical records, Quirinius was governor of Syria for only 2 years between 8AD-10AD, when Caesar Augustus enacted a new tax on inheritance to help pay for his armies.

Since the figure of 8AD-9AD is a historical record (not a figure taken from the Holy Bible), its accuracy is a suspect and thus for a safer estimate, a period of at least 3 years should be allocated as the margin of error.

The system of numbering years A.D. (for "Anno Domini") was instituted in about the year 527 A.D. by the Roman abbot Dionysius Exiguus, who reckoned that the Incarnation had occurred on March 25 in the year 754 auc. (i.e. after the foundation of Rome)., with the birth of Jesus occurring nine months later. Thus the year 754 auc. was designated by him as the year 1 A.D. It is generally thought that his estimate of the time of this event was off by a many years.