The Rapture (Appearance of the Lord)

At the Great Heavenly Blackout, our Lord Jesus will appear in the cloud. He will then sent His angels to gather His elect from the four corners of the earth. Matt 24: 30-31; Mark 13:26-27; Luke 21:27. At the twinkling of the eye, the mortal bodies of these overcomers (elects) will be changed to the glorious bodies. The dead in Christ (the godly Christians only) will rise first, followed by those who are alive. They will then meet the Lord in the cloud and He will then take them back to heaven. Those left behind will suffer death or eternal damnation.

2 Groups of Christians Will Be Manifested

The First Group

This group will be those who will be caught up to heaven to be with the Lord. They are the overcomers (faithful Christians) who have endured to the end by keeping their faith in accordance to the Word of God. They have rejected the wrong teachings of the false christs and have overcome the deceptions of the false prophets. During the period of the Great Tribulation they have kept the faith and love not their lives. They have not bow down to the Antichrist not were they deceived.

The faithful are Christians who abide (living out) in His word and commands. They will be caught up to the cloud to meet the Lord and will be with Him forever. Rewards will be given to them and they will rejoice in the Lord. Many will be rewarded with crowns to rule with the King of kings. Hallelujah, for the rewards of the overcomers will most likely be the Bride of the Lamb

The Second Group

This group are those who are left behind on earth. They are the sleeping (not knowing the endtime events according to the Word) and drunk (enjoying the pleasures and successes of this world) Christians. They are not even aware that the devil or his agents (false christs and false prophets) are deceiving them. They may have bowed down to the Antichrist. At Rapture when Jesus comes, they will be caught as though thieves have come in to kill (not taken up at Rapture thus salvation not sure), steal (heavenly rewards supposedly to be given to them for serving God) and destroy (all those, including family members and Christians, under their care) all that they have. Repent, before your heart is harden.

All those who are left behind (after the Rapture) on earth will suffer tremendously. The whole heavens seem to be out of alignment. Great earthquakes will be everywhere as though the whole heavens roll up as a scroll. Half of mankind will be killed by the unprecedented great earth quakes and tsunamis immediately after Rapture.

On top of that, the Devil having been cast down to earth will put his wrath on all mankind especially misled and deceived Christians before they are killed with eternal damnation as the final destination.


The Rapture is the end of the Period of grace representing the fullness of the Gentiles having come in. All Israel will mourn and repent for the One they pierce on the cross. They will accept Him as the Messiah. This will be the new Christians after the Rapture. The Wrath of Satan will be targeted at them. Rapture also is the beginning of the last 7 years for God to deal with the Israelite (Jews). 70 x 7 years will be needed for God to deal with the Jews and Jerusalem (Daniel 9:24-25). 69 x 7 years had already been completed i.e. at the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Immediately after that, the Jews were no longer the people of God for the Period of grace has started. After the Period of grace, God will one again deal with the Jews and His holy city Jerusalem to bring in His Millennium Rule.